The Original AllSafe Harness Review

The Original AllSafe Harness Review

Just like people need to wear seatbelts, dogs also need some form of safety restraint when they’re riding in the car. A pet barrier, which is designed to simply separate the dog from the rear of the seat doesn’t do much to actually protect them. A dog car harness on the other hand, definitely will.

A car harness for dogs will come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, but none of them can quite stand up to the durability and impressive craftsmanship of the Original AllSafe harness.

AllSafe Car Dog Harness Rundown And Features

Fortunately for dogs, the car harness exists, when in the past, their only option was to ride in a pet carrier for extra protection. Carriers can be ideal for air travel, but for larger breeds, even the average SUV may not have enough room to accommodate one.

Original All Safe Harness For Dogs

The AllSafe harness is a special restraining harness that connects a dog to a seat belt, preventing him from flying forward during impact or sudden braking. Your dog will be able to stand, sit or lie down, but they won’t get the full run of the car like they used to.

If your dog is on the hyper side, especially when it’s time to go for a ride in the car, this can be a recipe for disaster and one that can be potentially fatal to both of you. For the safety of you, your family, and your pet, a restraining harness can get everyone safely from point A to point B, without the added stress of a rambunctious dog running wild in the back seat.

The AllSafe is considered the best crash tested, best-performing restraint harness on the market. It offers superior crash test performance and the highest rated tensile strength when compared to other leading models. It’s also been around for more than fifteen years and is widely used in Europe.

The German engineering combined with high-quality stainless steel construction and nylon make it incredibly durable and able to withstand serious impact pressure without flinching.

Dog Driwing In A Car

This harness was tested by the German Auto Club, where experts used a sixty-pound dog shaped dummy at speeds up to thirty miles per hour. This harness was also tested by the Swedish Veterinary Office and the Test and Research Institute of Sweden. The harness received further testing in America by MGA Research, using a dog shaped dummy that weighed seventy-five pounds at speeds up to thirty miles per hour.

In the event of an emergency, the harness is also equipped with reflective branding which will provide increased visibility.

This is one versatile harness and it can be used as both a car restraint harness and a walking harness and makes this transition very easily.

Safety Tips For Riding With The AllSafe Harness

Did you know animals can get car sick? If this sounds like your pet, feed them a light meal two hours before your trip. Offer small amounts of water an hour before you leave. If you’re planning a long car trip and your dog isn’t accustomed to traveling, try to acclimate them well in advance by going for short five or ten minute rides once a day, using the restraint harness.

Some pet owners even recommend using the AllSafe in the passenger seat, which doesn’t experience quite as much motion as the back seat in some vehicles. This can work to reduce nausea and will give your pet an excellent view of the open road. This harness is compatible with shoulder belts, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Riding with your dog’s head hanging out the window may be a tradition in your family, and while it may be sad to deprive him of this enjoyment, many pets are injured on the road by flying debris or when insects fly into their windpipe, eyes, or nostrils. They can also become ill by having cold air forced down their air passageways. It’s also actually possible for a dog to strangulate by stepping on the electric window switch.

German Shepard Sitting In The Car On The Field

But if your dog is wearing their AllSafe harness, he can still enjoy riding shotgun with the wind whipping through his fur. The harness will work to safely prevent your dog from sticking their neck too far out the window into the wind stream.

Just because your dog is wearing their harness and will be kept securely in their seat, never leave your dog alone in the car. In the hotter months, the internal temperature in a car can quickly rise to fatal levels, even if you leave the window rolled partially down.

If the car ride is several hours long, make sure you take several breaks in order to allow your dog to stretch their legs. Fortunately, the harness can be easily turned into a walking harness, so this transition will be easy and quick. Give them at least ten minutes to walk around and get the blood flowing again. This will be especially important for older dogs with arthritis or poor circulation.

Original Restraint Harness Pros And Cons


  • It’s been tested in Germany, Sweden, and America for car safety and it passed with flying colors. It’s the leading dog car harness for a reason. It’ll keep your pet safe in the event of an accident and can also prevent an accident by securing your dog in their seat and preventing them from distracting you or destroying your vehicle. Because it can change into a walking harness, you’ll get plenty of use out of it.


  • Many pet owners claim the size of the harness runs a size large, so keep this in mind when you’re ordering. Other buyers felt that the smallest size was too heavy for smaller breeds under twenty pounds.

If this model doesn’t work for your pet as a walking harness, or you’re looking for a more versatile model, we recommend taking a look at the Ruffwear Palisades which works as a no-pull harness alone, or you can use the included saddlebags and take your dog for an adventure out in the backcountry.

Original AllSafe Final Thoughts And Rating

Crash tested, pet owner approved, we love how secure and tough this harness truly is. Using this harness will definitely give you some peace of mind and will keep your dog safe and snug during travel.

Dog With All Safe Pet Harness

The fact that it works as a walking harness makes it the perfect choice for cross country trips or longer drives.

Dog owners who purchased this harness gave it an impressive rating of five out of five stars for overall quality and affordable pricing.

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