How To Prepare Your Pet For Dog Boarding

How To Prepare Your Pet For Dog Boarding

Unfortunately, you can't always bring your dog when you go away. At some point, your pet will need to stay at a dog boarding facility.

You're not alone. In 2016 pet parents in the U.S. spent $5.76 billion on pet grooming and boarding.

Having your dog stay away from home can be stressful for you both. With a little preparation, it doesn't have to be.

Here's how to get your pet ready for their mini-vacation away from home.

Get Comfy In The Car

Some dogs love the car. Others hate it. Either way, go on some car rides before your vacation. Make car rides familiar and fun.

Dog Comfy in Car

For added safety, use a harness or carrier when your dog travels in the car.

Now your dog can be more relaxed on the way to the facility.

Visit The Dog Boarding Facility

Vacination Records for flights

Leaving your dog with strangers is hard. Do on-site visits before you choose a boarding facility. This will help you get to know the staff and allow your pup to meet the dog sitters too.

Going together will show your dog that he'll come home after the visit.

These steps can make dog boarding familiar. Next time, the visit will be less stressful.

Don't forget to bring vaccination records ahead of time. Make sure your dog's flea and tick treatments are up to date. This is for the safety and comfort of your dog, the other dogs at the facility and the staff.

Seeing where your pup will stay, and who will take care of him, can put you both at ease.

Get Your Dog Ready To Socialize

Your dog will be with other pets. If your dog isn't used to this, help your pooch out by visiting dog parks to ensure your dog is comfortable playing with other pets.

It's important that your pup listens to you around other dogs. If this isn't the case, your dog might need some extra training. Consider sports training or obedience school if needed.

Being with other canines can help your pooch have fun while you're away.

Pack For Your Dog Like You're Packing For A Human

For trips, you pack your family's medication, favorite snacks, smartphones and games. Do the same for your dog.

Packing for a dog

Don't forget to pack your pup's leash and harness. Packing a piece of your clothing with your scent on it can help your dog relax too.

Packing these items will maintain the pet care routine. Using your dog's restraints, treats, dog food and dog toys can help your pup enjoy their stay away from home.

Provide Emergency Contact Info For The Staff

Your dog sitters may have questions for you while you're away. Make sure they know how to reach you in an emergency.

Leave your dog's vet contact information too. If your dog gets sick, it's best to send the pup to his regular vet. Your vet knows the dog's medical history and any allergies.

Happy dog at a Vetrenarian

These tips can help prepare your pet for dog boarding. You'll ensure your dog stays happy and healthy at the facility.

You can rest easy and enjoy your trip too. Staff will handle emergencies just like you're at home.

With a little planning, your pup will be well cared for while you're away.

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