OxGord Dog Pet Carrier Review

OxGord Dog Pet Carrier Review

Pets enhance the lives of their owners, adding a level of affection at home. But, what about when your dog is out in public? Pet owners invest in dog carriers because it gives them the security that their dog is safe when traveling with them.

In this brief article, we'll review the OxGord Dog Pet Carrier.

It's a backpack that's designed to keep your pet safe while you travel to your destination. We'll discuss the pros and cons associated with this product.

Our primary purpose is to give you as much information needed about this product. Also, we'll discuss opinions from verified customers to fill in anything that we've missed out. You'll have enough knowledge and confidence to make a rational purchase by the end of this article.

About The Product

The OxGord Dog Pet Carrier makes it easier to transport your pet. It's made out of polyester which is easy to clean and store after use.

Also, the backpack has a mesh covering which allows your pet to stay in tune with their surroundings. Get this product if you want a comfortable way to transport your dog.

OxGord is a company that creates high-quality pet accessories. Each product is made with the mission to provide your pet's the most entertainment and comfort.

Dog in OxGord Pet carrier

And this pet carrier is no different. This product will keep your dog in good spirits while you are out traveling.


  • Product Size: 14 x 11 x 19
  • Protective Mesh Covering
  • ​Multiple Side Pockets
  • ​Ventilated Front Panel

The product was made for general pet transportation. Also, the OxGord Dog Pet Carrier is designed to let your dog safely travel through airline security and complies with most of their size requirements. Get this product if you need a safer way to transport your dog in public.


This dog carrier comes with a myriad of features to make pet traveling easier. For instance, it has two wheels and a telescoping handle that make it easier to maneuver your dog around. It's a good choice if you need a quick carrier to transport your pets.

OxGord's carriers are a step above the competition because they are easy to clean. The dog carrier uses 600D polyester material that can be removed and cleaned within a manner of minutes. Because of this, the carrier requires a minimal maintenance to work efficiently for your dog.

What Others Say

Dog in OxGord Pet carrier

When traveling, you'll want your carrier to make it easier for your pet to breathe. Oxgard's carrier comes with a mesh panel located at the front of the carrier. This allows your dog to look around and breathe as if they would if they were walking beside you.

Consumers across the board complained about the lack of durability. Some owners noticed the defective size of the zipper causing a problem for their pets.

This leads to your pet jumping out of the carrier and exposing themselves to danger. Avoid this product if you want a more secure carrier for your dog.

Still, we believe this is a product that's worth your money. It gives small dogs the chance to remain safe when out traveling. The front cover helps your pet breathe naturally and see the scenery around them.

We suggest getting this carrier for smaller dogs to maximize its effectiveness.

Buying Advice

Before you make a decision to buy a pet carrier, there are some factors that need to be considered.

Understand Your Dog's Size

Remember, your dog's size is the main factor in deciding what carriers are available. The Oxgard is for pets weighing about 11-15lbs. We suggest checking your dog's weight before buying to ensure that the carrier works effectively.

Place your dog on the scale to see their approximate weight. Larger dogs such as German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamutes will need a larger bag to support their size. Luckily, Oxgard has alternative bags that can fulfill their spacing needs.

Proper Ventilation

Ever wondered why your pet seems unhappy when traveling? A lack of ventilation makes it harder for your pet to remain clam when out traveling. That's why you need to look for a carrier that gives your pet a good amount of breathing room.

Oxgord pet carrier

Your dog needs a bag that's adequately ventilated. This helps them breathe and remain comfortable when traveling for longer distances. Your dog carrier should have small windows or slots for your pet to see outside of. Doing this helps your pet stay relaxed and allows them to see what's around them.

Try to get a bag with a metal grate style door. These doors allow a good amount of airflow to enter and exit your carrier. Avoid bags that don't allow an outlet for your pet to breathe.

Check The Material

Your dog carrier material needs to be durable. A sturdy carrier prevents your pet from escaping and wandering in public areas. For instance, a dog carrier is useful in airlines because it protects them from the impact of larger suitcases.

We suggest getting a carrier that's made out of thick materials. Carriers made out of thick plastic or metal are good choices if you want to transport your dog safely. No matter the material, your carrier should be difficult to knock over and remain stable and balanced.


To conclude, the OxGord Dog Pet Carrier is a great carrier for owners on a budget. While it may be inexpensive, it does keep your pet safe and calm when out traveling. Your dog will love this carrier because it provides a natural breathing environment and an added level of comfort.

OxGord Pet carrier

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There is a healthy future for the dog carrier market. As time progresses, there are more innovations made to keep your pet comfortable while traveling. Ultimately, dog carriers will become more efficient in the future and will have more features to keep your pet healthy.

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