Dogs Can Have Allergies, Too: Try Natural Dog Shampoo

Dogs Can Have Allergies, Too: Try Natural Dog Shampoo

If your dog seems to be on the itchier side and their coat isn't so luscious, it may be time to try another kind of dog shampoo.

Natural dog shampoo is becoming a trend among pet owners-- and for good reason.

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Check out the full scoop on natural dog shampoo below!

Dogs Can Have Allergies, Too: Try Natural Dog Shampoo

Sick rhymes aside, this is actually a really important part of being a dog owner. Since dogs can't really tell us in simple ways whether or not they feel sick, a shampoo allergy can go on for weeks or even months before we realize they are in pain.

Before you consider a new shampoo, consider other factors that could affect the integrity of their skin and fur, including:

  • The tightness and material of their harness. If the affected skin seems to be under the spots where their collar or harness touches them, it may be time to ditch the harness
  • Infections. Ringworm and mange are major skin-irritating infections. Red sores, itching, and loss of hair can be symptoms of mange
  • ​Insects. Mites, ticks, fleas, and other unsavory insects can affect your dog's skin. If you're unsure if an insect is the culprit, bring your pup to the vet to get checked out
  • Overbathing. Are you washing your dog more than once a month? If so, you may be stripping their skin of vital oils and harming them

If none of the above apply, your dog may have an allergy to their shampoo.

What Causes Dog Allergies?

Shampoo with harsh chemicals can cause allergic reactions on your dog's skin.

Food or exposure to a new animal may cause allergies to flare up on your pup as well.

Before switching to a new shampoo, verify that their kibble or a new pet isn't the cause.

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Why Should I Choose Natural Dog Shampoo?

Non-toxic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic ingredients are ideal for preventing breakouts and skin problems in dogs.

Natural dog shampoos can prevent a slew of problems, including:

  • Yeast infection
  • Sensitive skin
  • Dandruff
  • Hot spots
  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Allergies

Plus, natural dog shampoos usually don't contain an obnoxious amount of perfumes that can mess with their olfactory system.

How Can I Treat My Dog's Allergies In The Meantime?

First, stop bathing them. Toss out that old chemical-ridden shampoo and purchase an all-natural dog shampoo as soon as possible.

Between baths during the healing process, you can treat your dog's sores or dry patches with a number of things. Corticosteroids, antihistamines, and allergy vaccines are commonly used to treat dog allergies.

As always, be sure to take your pup to the vet to get the proper treatment. You can never be too sure if there's an underlying disease or physiological issue happening with your pup. A vet can properly diagnose your dog's problem so you don't have to worry.

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How was our guide to trying natural dog shampoo and preventing allergies? Tell us what you think, along with your experience with natural dog shampoo or dog allergies, in the comments section below.


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