The Worst Mistakes Even Well-Intentioned Dog Owners Make

The Worst Mistakes Even Well-Intentioned Dog Owners Make

All dog owners know how incredibly rewarding it is to take care of such a loyal friend.

But being a dog lover doesn't always mean being a good owner. Having a dog is a long-term commitment and besides love, it takes practice and patience.

So, if you're thinking of getting a puppy, you're probably going to make some mistakes.

That's not because you don't care. It's because most people aren't fully prepared to take care of a dog in the beginning, so a few mishaps here and there are normal. In time, however, you should learn more about your dog's habits, dietary needs, and behaviors, and act accordingly.

Keep reading to find out the most common mistakes even well-intentioned dog owners make.

The Most Common Mistakes Even A Dog Lover Can Make

You love your pup more than anything and try to do what's best for them.

But sometimes, your good intentions can become mistakes with real consequences.

You're Not Getting The Right Leash For Your Dog

One of the most common mistakes you can make is getting the wrong leash for your pup. You may think all leashes are the same as long as they do the job. But in fact, the opposite is true.

Using the wrong leash can cause physical and emotional injuries to your dog. You can find specific types of leashes for each breed, but the safest way to walk your dog is with a harness.

Two dogs playing with the leash

In addition, you've probably seen dog owners being pulled by their dogs when walking. This is a direct result of the dog not being properly trained.

Dogs are essentially like little children. They can't distinguish between right and wrong unless you teach them. So, to make walking your dog a pleasant experience for both of you, take some time to teach it not to pull and to walk right beside you.

You Leave Your Dog In The Car

Dog left alone in the car

Any dog lover turned dog owner is excited to take their new puppy everywhere they go.

But running errands while your dog waits in the car alone is another common mistake to avoid. The vehicle can overheat even if the outside temperature seems fine or your dog can get stolen.

The best advice here is to either take your pup with you or leave it at home.

You Don't Go To The Vet Fast Enough

Even the most caring and devoted dog owners can make this next mistake, especially at home.

When you notice your pup is not feeling well, you usually give it a day to see if it'll feel better.

But sometimes, symptoms of illness can be disguised as fatigue, low appetite or shortness of breath. When you see a change in behavior that lasts over a day, rush your dog to the vet to get help.

You Discipline Your Dog By Punishing It

You may have heard that punishing your dog when trying to discipline them is helpful. But there are other non-violent ways to show your pup which attitudes are good or bad.

Younger puppies like to nibble or gently bite when playing, but if you don't nip this behavior in the bud, it'll likely continue when they grow up.

Man punishing the dog

So whether you're a dog lover or a dog owner, learning from these mistakes will make your pup an even better companion.

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