The Top 5 Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats For Your Furry Friend

The Top 5 Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats For Your Furry Friend

We all know that it's important for humans to brush their teeth at least twice a day.

But what about our dogs?

Overlooking oral hygiene is a common mistake that dog owners with good intentions make. They would likely be surprised to learn that up to 80% of dogs have oral health problems!

Dog chewing on a bone teeth cleaning treat.

This is significant because oral disease in dogs can easily lead to more serious health problems. This is especially true for senior dogs.

Luckily, there are plenty of treats available to clean your dog's teeth that he will absolutely love.

Let's take a look at the five best dog teeth cleaning treats on the market.

Rawhides: One Of The Best Dog Cleaning Treats You Might Already Be Giving Your Dog

While there are many dog treats that are specially made for oral hygiene, there are also treats that you may not have known are good for your dog's teeth.

One example of this is rawhide.

Rawhide is a rough chew that is typically made from cow or horse skin. Many owners give these to their dogs as a way to occupy them, or to redirect them from chewing on personal possessions.

Luckily, in addition to being an enjoyable treat, these chews can help clean tartar and plaque from your furry friend's teeth.

Zuke's Z-bones Dental Dog Treats

These treats are formulated to treat bad breath. You'll be thankful for this when your dog goes to give you kisses!

Additionally, these treats also help to polish your dog's teeth and keep their gums healthy.

That said, keep in mind that these treats are not suitable for dogs under 10 pounds.

Dog chewing on Zukes Z-bones Dental Dog Treats

Greenies Dental Chews

If you want a treat that will fight both bad breath and tartar, then Greenies can be a great choice.

Greenies dental chews are specially designed to fight plaque and tartar build up. They also help to freshen your dog's breath.

Not to mention, these adorable treats are also shaped like little toothbrushes. When your dog chews on it, it looks like she's brushing her teeth!

Keep in mind that these treats are not gluten free, so they're not the best option if your dog has an allergy.

Pedigree Dentastix

These treats come in a patented X-shape that's specially designed to help remove tartar and plaque.

Additionally, these treats come in a variety of flavors. If your dog is a picky eater, you might have an easier time finding a treat that he'll love.

Dentastix also come in mini sizes, making them a good choice for smaller dogs. These treats, however, are not suitable for dogs under 5 pounds.

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Have you ever had a teething puppy? If so, then you've probably had a hand full of puppy bites.

Blue Buffalo's Dental Bones are textured to treat sore gums, which makes them a great choice for teething dogs. Much better for your puppy to chew on these than on you!

Happy dog in a field.

What are the best dog teeth cleaning treats you've used for your dog? Let us know in the comments!

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