The Best Dog Carrier Backpack For Under 30 Dollars

The Best Dog Carrier Backpack For Under 30 Dollars

For starters, this article won't just be discussing the single best dog carrier backpack; it will go over the four best. They're all about equal to each other regarding overall value, but depending on who you are, the best dog carrier backpack will be different.

Maybe you want the best dog carrier backpack for hiking, or maybe you need a dog motorcycle carrier backpack. Whether you have a tiny terrier or a giant German, we've got the right dog backpack for you and your furry friend.

At the very end of this article, we will include one more expensive dog backpack carrier as well. This is to give you a good idea of what a more expensive bag looks like, so you can better understand the value of this particular price range.

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Know Your Dog

There are many factors to consider when purchasing the right backpack for your dog. Don't think your noise is making hyperactive Jack Russell terrier will be best suited for the same bag as a docile pomeranian.

How loud is your dog? Do you need something insulated, because you know there’s no chance your puppy will remain quiet in its bag?

How adventurous is your dog? If it can't be trusted with an open top bag, make sure you get something with a closable net. This goes backward for dogs with claustrophobia. If your dog doesn't deal well being locked in tight spaces, make sure you get an open bag that gives them freedom.

Woman carrying her dog in a pet carrier

Does your dog get nauseous? Then maybe you will have to get a rolling backpack instead of an over the shoulder bag. Worried your dog might have an accident? Don’t get a mesh backpack.

How much does your dog shed? If your dog sheds a boat load, you'll need to invest in a bag that's easy to clean. Don't get one where all the dog hairs will get caught up in a corner where you can't easily clean them. This will become a giant hassle, and you will end up throwing out the bag in a manner of days.

Besides the obvious factor of buying a backpack that fits your dog's size appropriately, you'll need to get one that's properly insulated. For instance, if you have a dog with a lot of thick furs, and you live in Florida, don't buy a super insulated bag. That's going to be a little rough for your pup.

So you've got an idea for what you need. I hope some of the thoughts weren't a bit too obvious. The bottom line… know your dog.

Our Top Recommendations

Let's go over the five bags now.

The OxGord Dog Pet Carrier Rolling Backpack

The OxGord comes with a mesh front and side panel. It’s see through and quite breathable. This allows your dog to see its surroundings and feel less trapped.

The bag comes with telescoping handles and wheels enable you to roll your pup around wherever you need. You can purchase the OxGord dog carrier backpack in four different colors: a soft light pink, bright red, black mesh, or a bright blue.

The side windows are unzippable which is great for letting your dog stick its head out. It’s not big enough for your dog to jump out of but still large enough for him to feel like he’s in the car. If you want, you can unzip the front as well.

Dog in OxGord Pet carrier

Customers have noted that they appreciate the quality of the mesh. It's a rubber material which feels soft against your doggy's face and fur. There's a built-in leash to the bag the keeps your pet in the bag, so if your dog manages to chew a hole, it would be fine. I have not seen any complaints of a dog being able to chew holes through.

There are plenty of pockets so you can store your treats, collars, and what not. It’s dimensions are 14" (L) x 11" (W) x 19" (H) and weighs about 5 pounds. If you happen to be a ‘cat person’ this bag will work well for you. Cat’s are quite comfortable in the bag.

It is pretty easy to carry and feels good on your shoulders. It's a good bag for if you're traveling or if you want to bring your dog somewhere where it won't be left out. It's not the best for hiking; it has wheels so anywhere that you can't take advantage of the wheels is not the best destination for this bag.

You really can't beat the price. It's just under 20 dollars, which is almost too cheap. It's less expensive than most children backpacks, let alone competing dog carrier bags. If you maybe just want to test out a bag, then try this one as you won't be spending much money at all.

Oxgord pet carrier

Just don't try to put a dog on 30 pounds in here, really even 25 is pushing it. The bottom of the bag is removable and washable, so if your little guy does have an accident, it's easy to clean.

I do wish the bag had a little more cushioning. It’s not the nicest thing in the world, but it’s still quite the value for the price.

The packaging looks shady. In conclusion, it's better as a roller for occasional use. It's a fantastic bargain, so if you want to try it out, then buy one of these. If you're a hiker or looking to carry around your dog 24/7 this bag is not for you.

But we want to stay in this price range, so let’s talk about a bag only a little but more expensive than the OxGord.

Our Rating:

OSIR Dog Or Cat Pet Backpack

The OSIR is meant more for activities, plane travel, and hiking. It's one of the best affordable dog carrier backpacks for hiking.

It’s a comfortable polyester material that feels durable. There is a soft side frame which is comfortable on both your back and your pet’s side. It offers better protection than the OxGord as well as greater scratch resistance.

There are mesh windows for your dog to peak out of and matching mesh pockets for you to store whatever you need to bring along with you. The top zips off so if you trust your pup, you can let him or her ride with the top down.

It is well padded, and your dog could easily take a nap if it needed to. In fact, if you put it down on it's back, it's almost like a portable crate. 

OSIR Dog or Cat Pet Backpack

It's 11x20x10 and says it's for dogs up to 15 pounds, but I think you could go up to 20. It works well on a bike as well, which was great for me. I'm not an every day hiker and biker, but I do like an occasional adventure, so the price made this bag unbeatable.

I'm sure most dogs will be able to fit their head out of the top zip, even the tiny breeds. The mesh windows provide good circulation that lets your animal breathe. The bottom is cushioned enough that if you put the bag on the hard ground, the dog would still be comfortable.

OSIR Dog or Cat Pet Backpack

The straps are wide enough for even larger people to enjoy comfortably. It's a well-designed bag, that is extremely affordable. For the price, you won't find a better hiking dog carrier backpack.

If I could make one addition, it would be for the bag to include a waist strap. It would add some much-needed support for your lower back. There isn't much room for some bigger dogs, so they will have to sit the whole time unless the bag is on the ground sideways.

Cats like these bags more than the traditional plastic carrier cages. One piece of advice is that the cardboard at the bottom of the bag can get annoying. It starts to stab your back, so just take it out and cut it a little smaller. It still works the same is much more comfortable.

Make sure your dog is comfortable sitting for a long time. If your dog needs to lay down while you hike, it won't be comfortable. You need a dog that has the life to sit the whole time. Your dog won't have a lot of room, so it's a terrible bag or a claustrophobic dog.

It’s not perfectly comfortable, but you get what you pay for. It’s super cheap, so if your dog is tiny and you don’t plan to go on a super rigorous hike, it’s a good investment. It’s comfortable enough for a short journey, and durable enough to last multiple uses.

Now the previous bags go over your back. There’s a lot of buzz going around about front sided dog carrier backpacks.

Our Rating:

Outward Hound Kyjen PoochPouch Front Carrier For Dogs

Maybe you want your dog to have the same view you do. Some dogs may just not be comfortable riding in the back seat.

The Outward Hound comes in either blue or gray, and you can get small or medium sizes. There are good back support straps, and it doesn't feel bulky on your body.

It's made of a soft nylon that is water-resistant and durable for long adventures. It's just under 30 dollars and is a great buy for the price. It's 8 x 11 x 10 and is meant for dogs up to 15 pounds.

It works best for about a 10-pound dog, so they can have a little room to duck down. It's great for riding on motorcycles with too.

Outward hound pet carrier

There is one zippered pocket with smaller pockets inside. I wouldn’t put too much in there, as there isn’t much room.

I think this is the perfect product for super small dogs who just wouldn't be able to keep up on a hike. It's a great product. For its price once again, you won't find a better front sided dog carrier.

Keep in mind there won't be room for your dog to lie down, so your pup should be able to handle remaining seated for long periods of time. Many people complain that they ordered a size that is either too small or large for their dog.

Check the dimensions to see if your dog will fit in the bag. Don't pay too much attention to the weight of the dog, but honestly, it's best for dogs up to 12 pounds.

I noticed that after an hour or so, the straps start to get annoying. They could use some more padding, but if you're going for a short walk or run, the Outward Hound is perfect. Though the straps aren't perfectly cushioned, they are wide enough to distribute the weight evenly.

Woman using outward hound pet carrier for her dog

The floor of the bag is pretty hard so your dog will feel grounded which is a must have with most small dogs.

The dog will fall out though if you bend over to tie your shoes. There's nothing that keeps them in super well, so make sure you use your hand to keep your pup stable when you bend over.

Similar to the previous carrier, the hard floor is a double edged sword. After a super long walk, the floor starts to cut into your back. You can take it out and cut it a little if you need to, to make the bag a little more comfortable.

All in all, it’s a great bag for the price. It’s pretty inexpensive, as are most these bags, so you’re not getting anything that you should bring up to Everest. It’s not meant for super rigorous hiking. You can’t get something super lightweight and ultra durable at this price range.

The elastic band is pretty weak as well, so don’t toy with it too much. It will snap pretty easy, and there have been some complaints that the band breaks after just a few uses.

Up next we will discuss my favorite dog backpack in the price range.

Our Rating:

Pet Ego Lenis Pack Pet Carrier Backpack

The Pet Ego is awesome. For starters it’s stylish. It comes in a brown checkered outside with a nice orange inside. There are two sizes, but both are meant for small dogs. The bigger one measures at 10 x 14 x 7.5.

It is versatile in that it can be worn on the front as well as the back. It's more of a day to day casual dog pack that can be used for more extreme activities if it's called upon.

The nylon fabric is very soft and comfy for both your back and your puppy. The Lenis Pack can be placed on its side on the ground to make a nice comfy den for your dog. It’s perfect for picnic trips or other outdoor adventures.

You will feel like a mother kangaroo with it on your front. It doesn't ride up on you, and the straps are easily adjusted. It's right around 30 dollars, which makes it more expensive than the previous three backpacks. It's worth it, and if your price limit is right around 30 dollars, I recommend this bag.

Pet ego pet carrier

It's most certainly the most stylish bag in its price range and is the best for casual all-around use. I think it's similar to the previous bag in that it supports a maximum weight of 12 pounds. It may be advertised for more, but like the last bag, focus more on dimensions than weight.

It's an eye catcher, so if that's what you're going for, this is what you need to buy. Just know, that just like with a crate you will need to introduce your pet to the bag gradually. This is especially true since this bag will feel like a den/crate to your pet.

Pet ego pet carrier

There's a little lid you can place over the top hole, and it will still leave a small window for your doggy to look out of. The bottom is just as sturdy as the previous models and has considerably less adverse side effects. It won't poke you the same way the cheaper models will. It's well constructed, and I trust that my pup will be quite comfortable.

It is well insulated so that you can use it in the cold. It also can double as a car carrier as well. Unfortunately, it is so insulated; I almost feel that it is best used for winter.

There's another double-edged sword. The straps are super long. This can either be good or bad. If you need longer straps, the Pet Ego is the perfect dog carrier backpack. But if you're shorter, this bag may not be ideal.

Like most of these bags, while being hoisted, the bag only supports the dog in a seated position. The dog won’t be able to move around much at all.

It’s a versatile and all around awesome bag for the price, but it’s not the greatest thing in the world. For the sake of giving you an idea for a more expensive dog backpack, let’s talk about this next model.

Our Rating:

Pet Gear I-GO2 Plus Traveler Rolling Backpack Carrier

The Pet Gear is not in the same price range. It's around 90 dollars, making it at least three times more expensive than the previous bags.

What makes it so much more expensive? Let’s discuss.

It comes in three color options: black, sage, and ocean blue. It comes with an internal fleece pad that is very comfortable and warm for your dog. It measures 16” x 13.5” x 22” which makes it much larger than most dog bags.

It has enough space for your dog to lie down. There is a built in tether leash, so your dog will be extra safe and secure. The Pet Gear is bigger and sturdier which is perfect for larger dogs or dogs who need more space.

It works perfectly as a backpack, a car seat, and a portable crate. It's large enough that you could fit two cats in or a small dog. If you have a rather docile animal, it's perfect.

Pet gear backpack

If your kitty wants to go crazy and escape, it may be able too. It’s not strong enough to contain, but strong enough to support. With a big dog, it’s a little uncomfortable to carry this on your back. It’s much better to use as a rolling bag for larger dogs.

For under 100 dollars, it's the best thing you can get to its size. It's not perfect, but it's good, and it's large. It's a super big bag as well. This may not be good for some tiny Yorkies, but it's good for longer dogs.

Pet gear backpack

It could be a little more comfortable as well. It's not great for long physical hikes. But what you can notice is that the problem with many previous bags is that there wasn't enough room for the dog to be comfortable and lounge around.

That's what the price increase is for. It's roughly the same quality of the bag, but it's larger and slightly improved. Within this price range, all you are getting is a larger size.

If you want to get to the next level of support, comfort, and durability, you will have to pay a whole lot more.

So pick the size that you can use, and get one of these five. If your dog is too big for the first four, then get this one. It’s your best bet, even though it’s a little more expensive than the other ones. There’s no point in getting a bag that cramps your dog.

Our Rating:


In conclusion, make sure you know your dog. The first thing is to check your dogs’ dimensions in the seated position. You want to make sure you get the right sized bag.

Once you get sizes figured out, get the right type of bag. Do you want a roller that you can take to the airport or do you want a heavy duty hiking dog carrier backpack?

The five above will fit your needs, as long as you have a dog under 25 pounds. Most are better suited for tiny 10-pound dogs, so just keep that in mind. Whatever it is, get ready to bring your little furry friend on even more adventures!

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