2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Review

2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Review

When a dog is pulling on the leash, he will be using his back legs in order to push himself off the ground. This no-pull harness will get rid of this problem for good. Jerking or pulling on a leash can cause your dog some serious physical problems.

Pulling in itself can also be very painful for your dog. You would think that this sudden pain would prevent your dog from pulling, but unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Overview And Features

2 Hounds Design has created this dog harness with straps placed around the hind legs to create a type of sensation behind a dog’s back legs that are totally harmless. This sensation will avert the dog’s attention from his desire to pull. The harness was designed by a team of licensed vets, so it avoids the painful areas that would cause your pet any discomfort. The patented design is truly one of a kind.

Desing For Free Dog Harness

The harness will wrap around each of the dog’s back legs and around their waist. It will then run along their back, attaching to the collar and continuing up in order to attach to the leash.

This model comes in four sizes and fits dogs as small as two pounds up to a hundred pounds.

The deluxe training package option includes a two ended leash. This leash is very versatile and well-constructed, so you’ll be able to walk your dog using a standard six-foot leash that’s attached to the chest loop in order to practice loose leash walking, or you can attach the leash to the loop at the shoulders for traditional harness walking.

Attaching the leash to the chest will give you more control over your dog and prevent pulling.

How To Use The Freedom Dog Harness Deluxe Package Like A Pro

To get started using this harness, simply slip it over your dog’s head and bring in the middle chest strap between the front legs, clicking the buckles shut on each side. Next, you’ll need to spend a little time adjusting it to the proper fit. Now you can attach the leash.

With the dog walking on your left, get their attention by calling their name, or you can use a treat as an incentive. Once you have your pet’s attention, begin walking. The more your dog’s attention is focused on you, the easier it will be for your dog to remain by your side and allow you to enjoy that loose leash walking experience.

Two Happy Dogs With Harness

Make sure to give lots of verbal praise if your dog is remaining by your side. If your dog attempts to pull you, stop walking. The Freedom harness will prevent him from continuing to pull you forward.

One option is to connect one of the clips to the front of the harness, using an additional clip on the back of the harness, allowing you to control both points. This setup will discourage pulling using a gentler action that involves tightening the control loop around the chest. The front connection will steer your pup much like using reins with a horse.

If that doesn’t work, you can try the next method. With this method, connect one of the clips to the back of the harness. This is called the tension loop. Next, attach the other clip to the dog’s collar. This is the perfect method to use on dogs who are prone to backing out of their harness and it will also give the user a couple of points of contact.

Pet Dog With Harness

For the third method, connect a clip to the back and take the opposite end of the leash, clipping it to the leash handle. Now you can walk your dog from the back on a five-foot leash, with the use of the patented control loop working with you to control pulling while keeping the dog’s spine in alignment.

For the last method, connect two clips to the ring located on the back of the harness. The handle will slide to the center point. This will allow you to walk with about three and a half feet of leash space, giving you closer control using the control loop to help discourage pulling while keeping the dog’s spine in proper alignment.

Freedom Harness Training System Pros And Cons


  • This harness is really well made, featuring velvet padding in the armpit area, which is perfect for shorthaired breeds who have issues with chafing. One common problem you might run into with other models is that they tend to lose shape, especially if you’re walking with a dog that loves to pull. While it took us a while to adjust the harness to the right fit, once you’ve got that accomplished the harness will hold its shape very nicely.
  • It can also be customized based on your dog’s measurements, so they’ll enjoy a perfect fit. Aside from size customization, owners can also choose from thirteen color options. Like every model of harness, the Freedom should not be left on your dog during the day and should only be worn when you take them out for a walk. But in the event your dog does get ahold of the harness, the manufacturer will replace it, thanks to the chewing guarantee.


  • Training with the deluxe package can be tough to get the hang of in the beginning, for both you and your pet. The package gives you a total of four leash attachment options that are designed to prevent the dog from pulling, but some of these methods can be difficult to use if you have a hyper dog.
  • If you’re having trouble with your dog acting up in the car as well, the AllSafe travel harness can be the perfect tool to add to your dog training arsenal and it works perfectly to keep your dog safely secure when the whole family is out for a ride in the car.

2 Hounds Design Conclusion And Rating

Overall, we felt that the basic harness and the deluxe package setup gave us many options as far as what we could try out to get our pet to stop dragging us during walks. You will notice an immediate change in the frequency and duration in which your dog pulls you, but they probably won’t stop this behavior overnight.

Brown Dog With 2 Hounds Desing Harness

With a little practice and effort on both of your parts, you’ll soon be able to enjoy a nice relaxing walk, with your dog walking calmly by your side.

Dog owners who bought 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness gave it a rating of four and a half stars out of five stars for pricing, construction, versatility and overall quality.

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